May 9, 2018


Alphanaphtylacetic Acid(NAA) 6%


ANASTOP prevents the fall of pears and apples by increasing the endogenous auxines value to delay the formation of an abscission layer in the fruit peduncle. By controlling the dosage used, we can also avoid an excessive development of ethylene in the refrigerating cells or storerooms during the conservation of fruits.

ANASTOP may also be used as a product of pruning if it sprinkles on the suckers with a higher concentration than the recommended dosage for fall-prevention. In Fertirrigation, it stimulates the formation of the new roots.

ANASTOP was confirmed its effectiveness for rooting on the melon culture. It demonstrates a high stability in the soil and high quality of rooting.


Anti-falling of fruits:

Pear tree and early maturing varieties of the apple tree: 30 ml for 100 liters of water.

Apple tree (late maturing variety): 50 ml for 100 liters of water.

Spray profusely all the crown of the tree approximately 3-4 weeks before harvest. It is advisable not to wait the beginning of the natural fall to start the treatment.

The treatment is effective for at least a month.

The indicated doses referent to temperatures about 20°C.

During the temperatures, it is necessary to decrease proportionally the concentration by adding to each 100 liters of the prepared solution 15-20 liters of water for each 5°C of temperature.

For rooting:

0,5-1 L/ha in Fertirrigation

It is advised not to mix with other product. Carry out the treatment during the evening hours.


1 Lt bottle in cardboards of 15 pieces each one.