May 9, 2018
April 16, 2018


Phosphoric anhydride (P2O5) 30% ; Potassium Oxide (K2O) 20%.

Without clorine.


PIKALIN provides to the plant the phosphorus under form (phosphites).

The phosphorous acid is usable only by the plant but not by fungus and the major part of the micro-organisms, contrary to the traditional form of phosphorus usually used in agriculture (acid phosphoric) which is usable by the plant, fungus and the micro-organisms.

Only the plants are able to metabolize the phosphorous acid. That’s why it is necessary to apply PIKALIN during the periods of major frequency of the fungal diseases.

PIKALIN showed a great effectiveness against fungus belonging to the Phytophtora,Peronospora and Pytium.

This action can also integrate and improve the action of other systemic fungicides especially during the initial phases of the infection.

PIKALIN is not only a fertilizer for the plant but also a good weapon against fungus infection.


PIKALIN can be applied by foliar way or racinaire.

The foliar treatments must be repeated 2-3 times in particular in the event of appearance of the foliar cryptogrammic diseases.

The phosphites contain 20% of P2O5 (8 units of P2O5 corresponds to 40 liters per hectare out of phosphites).

Citrus fruits: 300 ml/hl

Apple and drupaceous: 250 ml/hl

Olive, vine, strawberry, vegetable with fruit: 200 ml/hl

Vegetable with leaf: 150 ml/hl

Floriculture: 100ml/hl

Do not mix with mineral oils, cupric products, composed with alkaline reaction, Dicofol and Dimetoate.

Completely soluble in water. Has an acidic reaction (pH 1) in pure state.


1000ml bottles in cardboards of 15 pieces each one.
5 Lt cans in cardboards of 4 pieces each only.
20 Lt cans.