Sico – B mol (L)

May 9, 2018
Sico – Bcal (L)
May 9, 2018


Boron (from polyborate) 10% Mo 0.2%


SICO B MOL warns and corrects a Boron lack on the sensitive cultures or Boron deficiency.

It contains a formulation of Boron ready to be absorbed by the plant.

SICO B MOL furnishes a resistance to the cold by a better translocation of the sugars in the stem and root (Example: increase the wealth of sugar in the beet).

It controls the water nutrition of the plants allowing a resistance to the dryness.

It contribute in the flower initiation (number of flowers) and on the germination of the grain of pollen (fecundation).

It has a role on the quality of the harvests while avoiding the disease of the “black heart” (beet, cabbages), the cork disease in the apple.

The presences of the ethanolamine, one of the better chelated agents for the Boron, allowed a better absorption of this element by the plant and increase the efficiency of the treatment.


Radical applications: they become important when the Boron content in the soil is very weak; it is not immobilized by a high pH and there is not strongly washed.

- Lightly deficient soil: 10 l/ha
- Deficient soil: 12 l/ha

Foliar applications:
they are recommended when the soils are very filtering or the Boron is immobilized by a high pH.

Strawberry, Vegetables with fruit and with sheet :
Foliar: 150-200 g/hl
Root treatment: 30-40 Kg/ha

Maintenance: 5 l/ha from 6-8
Curative treatment: 8 l/ha
Deficient soil or very drying: 2 to 4 applications spaced of 15 days at 4 l/ha

4-6 l/ha from 8-10 pairs of leaves

5 l/ha from 3-4 leaves to attached buttons

Fruit Trees:
1,5-2 l/ha by application (3 to 4 applications).
1) Pre-flowering
2) Falls petals
3) Big Fruit as a walnut
4) Strong deficiency or of strong fructification

1,5-2 l/ha by application (3 applications)
1) Separated clusters
2) Flower buttons
3) Fruit setting

2-3 l/ha by application (2 to 3 applications)

SICO B MOL is compatible with most of the pesticides except oily product.


250 ml bottles in cardboards of 24 pieces each one.